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…is this normal??…

…is this normal??…
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so…i have a few ideas on a couple of different posts i am striving to put up before the end of march and one of the things that keep popping up in my head is: am i allowed to curse on my own blog?!

if you read my first post you will know that i curse a lot – i dont mean sometimes a curse word or two will fall out of my mouth, i am talking full blown no filter deb-from-dexter cursing! its so bad…

i still don’t really have an answer for this but since i was told to blog like i talk, i’m gonna go with that and see how it works out for me 🙂

do you think its inappropriate or should i just be myself??



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8 Responses to …is this normal??…

  1. Rachel G says:

    I’ve seen blogs go either way! I don’t curse in real life, so of course I wouldn’t curse on my blog. That would be totally unnatural. Some people prefer to see their blog as a more “professional” place, others as more personal, so I know there’s opinions that can go both ways on the matter.

  2. Morgan says:

    I think a lot of it would have to do with what you want the purpose of your blog to be and your intended audience. I don’t swear in day to day life so I wouldn’t, but several of my favorite bloggers, Thomas Frank for example, swear on occasion and I actually find it refreshing. Personally I don’t think that my audience would mind if I did but it doesn’t fit my personality, but even if I did swear I wouldn’t on my blog because I’ve got my blog listed on my resume.

  3. Yes be yourself at all times. Go with that inner gut. BTW love the blog. new follower. #SIT

  4. JDiGi says:

    great advice from everyone, i think i will stick with being myself!

  5. Kim says:

    Your blog, your rules. If you want to curse, have it and give the middle finger to the haters. Haha.

  6. DO what feels comfortable! I’ve tried both straight out swearing, insinuated and putting symbols in. Some people won’t like it other will. Most people don’t really care. If it works for you do it .

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