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exercise is the devil

exercise is the devil
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its very safe to say that exercise and i just do not get along!! never have and never will…but i am at a point in my life where i should be concerned about my health as my husband and i are trying to conceive. after all the bullshit i have been thru over the past few weeks , i have been stress eating like no ones business! not so cute with summer coming up in the hamptons…

Exercise is the devil

i have never been the one to be a workout buff or even close to it, and anyone who knows me is aware of my weird obsession with french fries (i literally walk around telling people that i like fries) but i have to find something to motivate me…

thought you said extra fries

what motivates you or are you just as lazy as i am???

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30 Responses to exercise is the devil

  1. Triplezmom says:

    I enjoy working out, actually (you just can’t tell because since I turned 40 my metabolism has come to a dead stop but my love of french fries hasn’t). It’s some me time, because I go to the gym, put my kids in the tot drop, and climb on to the elliptical with a stack of magazines. Reading in peace is heaven.
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  2. Anita Ojeda says:

    I have had a life-long love/hate relationship with exercise–but I finally decided I’m happier with it ;). Good luck to you as you make changes!

  3. I actually enjoy exercising! When I lived in an apartment we had a gym I could go to. I went almost everyday! Now I don’t have that and don’t have as much time to exercise but try to fit in something each day when I’m nannying, even if it’s a dance party!
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  4. A bunch of my friends wanted to do a Disney race, and they looked so cool – so I started training so I could do one without dying. And I actually found that running, surprisingly, was something I enjoyed.

    Another good motivator is photographs where I look like I’ve got too much weight on me. It makes me want to get rid of it!
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  5. Cristina says:

    I think I could be more lazy than you are. I won’t go for a walk because I just got a blow out and it’s raining/foggy out. Shallow. I know. But when you drop money on hair, you need to justify it and 6 hours won’t cut it. I walked yesterday… Damn. I hate exercise.
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  6. Lara says:

    I am so all or nothing when it comes to exercise. It’s sad. And right now I’m in a totally NOTHING mindset. And my weight is showing it. Because I’m all or nothing when it comes to eating, too.
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  7. Julie says:

    Exercise and I are not BFF’s either, I find classes so repetitive and if it’s too complicated I get very confused very easily! I do like cycling or walking to work when the weather is nice, save money and get exercise – bonus. My husband love the gym and goes every day that he can fit it in. Each to their own!
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  8. Love the xtra fries saying – it’s great! I walk a lot and recently took up weight training. Listen to music and it makes it so much better and easier. Stopping by from Tuned in Tuesday.
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  9. Nicki Lewis says:

    I have been having trouble getting motivated. My friends Megan’s blog is great motivation for me
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  10. I need to get in shape. Well, more like I need to get fit! I’m like you – I’m not a fan of exercise. I hate being hot. I hate being sweaty. Chlorine in pools makes me itchy so no to swimming. That rules out a lot of exercise. If anyone wants to give me a magic solution, I’d be totally up for trying it!

  11. Exercise is a necessary evil of sorts to me. I do love good food, so I am with you in trying to get it off. Thanks for linking up at Wonderful Wed Blog Hop. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  12. Kungphoo says:

    I hate to exercise.. but its a necessary evil for me.. if i do not do anything then i gain the weight.. i need to get back on that program.

  13. Oh yeah, I’m kinda in the same boat right now. Although I did go through phases where I was really into it and even got pretty fit… now I’m in the same spot, thinking it’s just not happening. Haha. I need to get in shape.
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  14. I haven´t been to the gym in 9 years. Enough said. 😉
    I do walk the 10 streets to get my girl from school with no problems but that is not exercising, it is common sense as the drive there and back takes longer than walking. 😀
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  15. Sabre says:

    I hate exercising, but I know I need to more often. My husband goes to the gym daily maybe he can motivate me a little more! I do want fries now though.

  16. Kelly Carson says:

    Hahaha! I love the postcards! In my mind I workout fiercely, however the numbers on my treadmill tend to disagree.
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  17. The trick is finding something you actually love to do and then it won’t seem like exercise. I have switched from worrying about EXERCISING and instead focused on being active and doing active things. I do like to run and have run 5ks but I have also found YOGA, kayaking, and long walks with friends to be ACTIVE and fun!
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  18. Elizabeth says:

    I just had to laugh! Exercise is doing diddly squats! Love it. I think the way I work on this is going outside with my kiddos and walking around. Once I get moving, the rest isn’t so hard. I cannot make myself do a DVD or go to the gym. I guess I need some motivation as well!
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  19. For me, group fitness is what motivates me.

    I know that if I tell myself I’ll go get a workout in on my own, it won’t happen.

    But, if I’m meeting a friend at a Bolly X dance class, November Project stair climbing, or even for a run in Boston, I actually get there because I don’t want to let the person who’s waiting for me down.

    I tried a bunch of different group fitness classes before finding what I like now.
    Danielle Kempe (@DJDiG) recently posted…November Project – Week 8 – Squats, Backpacks, and Trombone – Oh My!My Profile

  20. Hahaha I just love those graphics. And I am in the same boat as you, we just got the green light to TTC, and are planning on starting up again in November. Waiting till then with the intent of shedding more pounds (for once I’m on a roll, and I’m not ruining this by quitting).

    Good Luck! I’m currently exercising….. zero. Might need a dino.
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  21. OH! I haven’t done my diddly squats!!!!!! What motivates me is feeling better. I’d way it was fitting into my clothes, but lately that part isn’t even happening. 🙁

    I replied to you on my Google + thread about chocolate mousse, but I don’t think I know how to tag on there yet. In any case, I eat 80% ANY kind of diet and all the rest chocolate/candy too! 🙂
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  22. Paula Parker says:

    The older I get, the more my body forces me to eat right and exercise. It’s the only way it works properly. I wish you the best of luck!

  23. I also hate exercising. However, if I get on the scale and see it is inching up I get my butt back in gear quick. #ThrowbackThursdayLP
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