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the Kardashians are coming!!

the Kardashians are coming!!
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the kardashians are coming to town!! the boutique clothing store DASH in southampton is set to open this weekend and residents have no choice but to deal with it… filming for the show {from what I hear} has already started for “the kardashians take the hamptons” and there are so many people who are unhappy with our new guests…but not me! i am totally used to the hamptons traffic and congestion, so really who cares about a few more celebrities {out of hundreds] that come out for the summer??

alot of people have way too much time on their hands who bitch, moan, and cry about how much they cant stand the kardashians…gimme a break. i dont know them personally and furthermore i do not judge other people. cant say i am a constant watcher of their shows, but from what i have seen there are more than a few things to love about the kardashians…

family-quote-kardashians my absolute favorite thing about them is that their family dynamic is incredible! i have a brother who i used to be super close with who no longer talks to me because i choose not to be friends with his wife {another story, another time – i miss you wayne<3}, so family sticking together hits home for me. even if you hate the kardashian bunch, you have to respect their love for each other!


now when it comes to picking a favorite kardashian, khloe will always be my one and only <3 that girl has got balls, shes got heart, and my favorite part is she has a mouth and not afraid to use it! the times that i have watched the show, its all for khloe!


media and society are extremely hard on women in general but when you talk about the kardashians, khloe is obviously the target! uncalled for seriously, that bitch can be my bestie all day aint nothing wrong with her! out of all the people in her family, khloe comes off as the realest one…

whether we like it or not, the kardashians are taking over the hamptons! so welcome to the kardashian clan, there are plenty of people who are ecstatic with your arrival… and to those not so happy they dont have to love the idea but they sure better get used to it!


are you a fan of the kardashians? how would you feel if they came to film their show in your town?? let me know!

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UPDATE: i will be blogging about the kardashians once a week since they will be around for a few months, so check back for more! xo

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9 Responses to the Kardashians are coming!!

  1. Used to watch them all the time. They lead such a foreign life to me that it’s fascinating.

  2. I can’t really say I’m a fan since I haven’t had TV since…well a long time before the Kardashians…but you can’t ignore that they’ve become quite an industry. I’m sure they’ll bring a bit of drama to your neck of the woods. How will Martha and Ina cope? Now that’s a show I’d like to see.
    Chloe Jeffreys recently posted…Why I Kicked God Out of My Sex LifeMy Profile

  3. Adanna says:

    While I no longer watch their show I have to agree that I love their family dynamic and how they stick together through everything.
    Adanna recently posted…Where to Buy Summer Flats and How to Wear themMy Profile

  4. Nicki Lewis says:

    I am right there with you. I watch the show pretty much cause of Khloe, Kortney, and Scott. Khloe has to be my fav. Totally agree she is the realest one. She actually came here to Dallas with Lamar and I was so excited. One of the DJs here owns a bar and put up a big sign saying KARDASHIANS DRINK FREE (EVEN ROB), and Khloe showed up cause she wanted a pic with the sign. Never got to the chance to meet her 🙁 She did do a afternoon radio show and I listened everyday. I was so hoping they would bring a dash here.
    Nicki Lewis recently posted…Shows you might be missing out onMy Profile

  5. Hi, Jess!

    My name is Courtney, and I blog over at The Brown Girl with Long Hair. I clicked on this link from Turn It Up Tuesday because it made me giggle…

    I’m pretty much in lock-step with you: I do think the K family dynamic is interesting, and Khloe is BY FAR my fave. But you know what really prompted me to pen this comment: I read on your “About” page that you are a fan of football.

    So am I! And football influences my life in somewhat of an unusual way: My husband played nearly seven seasons in the NFL, and is still very much involved with NFL organizations, and, therefore, football is ALWAYS in our life.

    Oh, and I married a Jersey boy, too.

    Have a super day!
    Courtney Conover recently posted…Father’s Day Week: How the mind of a dad worksMy Profile

  6. Can I be completely honest? I really can’t stand them haha. But I applaud you for being unbiased in your opinion of them. I like how you said that since you don’t know them, you can’t judge them. We only see what the paparazzi shows us, and we don’t always have all the details. But I am just not interested in them… and I don’t think I ever will be. But it’s nothing personal, I’ve never been a reality tv person.
    Megan Kubasch recently posted…I’ve Moved! And We’re Moving!My Profile

  7. Millie says:

    Love me some Kardashians ❤️ khloe being my absolute fave ❤️❤️ I would love it if they did a KUWTK- East Harlem season lmao. I think khloe would do great! Her sisters, not so much.

  8. I feel sorry for the Hamptons……….. only because I would not want them in my backyard.. Don’t like them, don’t like what they do or stand for , Television really has gone to crap sort of and one of them is this show..
    Dorothy Boucher recently posted…This is the title of your first image postMy Profile

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