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The Cranky Dieter

The Cranky Dieter
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today starts a very dreaded, but very needed, diet for me. i’ve never really been a person that lives healthy, but getting older and wanting to start a family forces me to want to change. not only do i hate to diet, i also despise exercise. not a great combo for someone who loves everything bad for you!


my biggest problems are i have a serious sweet tooth, hate to sweat and workout, and have a terrible portion control problem…ugh. i also have zero will power so that doesn’t help either!


for me this is more about just feeling better on a day to day basis, rather than strictly just a diet. i don’t have a specific weight to get down to and i don’t have a set plan quite yet, but i know somethings gotta change. diet and exercise is so important for our bodies and even though i hate it, i am actually excited to live a healthier life and be in better shape! so to all the unprocessed foods, sweets, and junk food i love so much…i am breaking up with you! new diet here i come 🙂 this is gonna be fun…wish me luck, i am totally gonna need it!


starting weight: 248lbs. as of 8/4/14 – eek!!!!


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64 Responses to The Cranky Dieter

  1. Rachel says:

    Good luck!! It’s hard to get into the habit of working out, I have a hard time with it, too! It’s like I want to but then I get lazy.
    Rachel recently posted…Our Visit to the Horse Races at Monmouth Park!My Profile

  2. Elle says:

    I don’t want to sound like a robot but think of it as a long term lifestyle change. I really hate the word diet because I tend not to stick to it. If I cut out a few things at a time and let my body get used to no soda, or lower salt it slowly becomes the norm. I struggle as well, I fall off the wagon all the time. This month I’m doing a meat free detox because of my doctor. IT seems to be working 3 days in. I’ve limited my sweets intake, carbs, and soda.

    Good luck with it all because I can relate to the struggle of getting it together for health reasons.

  3. Alex says:

    You can do this! It’s hardest in the beginning, but it does get easier. When I got serious about losing weight, I bought us a food scale to actually weigh our food so we could keep portions in control. I also chucked anything I had that I knew I had no self-control over, and didn’t buy them. I have a sweet tooth too, so the first two weeks, was craving sugar constantly, but it does let up. I also kept track of my food using Myfitnesspal. I find it super helpful, and I got a few other people using it too, all of whom have had success losing weight when they used it regularly. I was exercising about 4 to 5 days per week, and I actually grew to like running. I had lost over 60 lbs at my peak, and was feeling so good. Let me know if you want to talk, and good luck! You’ll get through it and be so happy and feel great!

  4. Right there with ya, girl! I’ve actually started Jazzercise recently and it’s the most fun form of exercise I’ve ever been a part of. That hour of dancing goes by so fast and it burns tons of calories.
    Gabby@MamaGab recently posted…6 Stages of Breastfeeding that Only a Mom Will Tell You AboutMy Profile

  5. Wishing you strength as you start your journey! I need to join you very soon!
    Karen@FromtheGardenTable recently posted…Zucchini TotsMy Profile

  6. Considerer says:

    Good luck, good luck 🙂 You have the right attitude to it, and that’s half the battle 🙂
    Considerer recently posted…Beach Art and BenefactionMy Profile

  7. Danielle says:

    haha!! I LOVE the “I need to eat a skinny person!” SO FUNNY!!
    Danielle recently posted…The Stages of MotherhoodMy Profile

  8. Marjorie says:

    You CAN do it! Visiting from the blog hop. Hope you are having a great week.
    Marjorie recently posted…Meal Plan Monday Link UpMy Profile

  9. Jeanae says:

    You CAN do this! It seems horrific, and impossible at first, but it gets easier with each little step.
    Jeanae recently posted…I Do Not Blog on Weekends #31DBBBMy Profile

  10. You sound just like me! Absolutely no will power! And sweating?? Yuck! But, I need to lose a few pounds too. Maybe I’ll do it with you!

    I hope you keep us updated on your health journey! I wish you the best of luck!
    Chelsea @ Mommie and Wee recently posted…M&W IS TURNT UP | ON TURN IT UP TUESDAYS!My Profile

  11. Taya says:

    I know where you are coming from. Exercise, blah! But you can always sneak it in. I tend to leave things upstairs that I know I need so I can walk back up to grab them!

  12. Slow & steady is always the way to go–and just FYI you do look beautiful in those photos! Try to remind yourself that you are beautiful no matter your weight and go easy on yourself–take out the aggression when you work out! 😀
    Cathy @ Our Mini Family recently posted…July in InstagramsMy Profile

  13. Haydn Symons says:

    Love the imagery, videos and graphics amongst your blog post Jessica!

    I wish you luck on your dieting adventure. Remember to exercise correctly by warming up, and eating the right sorts of foods, as it can make a big difference!

  14. Anni says:

    Dieting is sucky and I am the same I hate exercising BUT when you start you will love the way you feel not just physical but the energy is great!

    xoxo, Anni

  15. Good luck!

    For me, the only thing that has worked to make weight loss last is Weight Watchers.

    I highly recommend their meetings.
    Danielle Kempe (@DJDiG) recently posted…Rev + Om at Sports Club LA – SweetGreen PassportMy Profile

  16. Mary W. says:

    It’s so hard to diet. It’s really a lifelong lifestyle change. I have been trying forever and lose a little then gain a little. It’s a big roller coaster for me. Good luck!
    Mary W. recently posted…PREMIUM GOLD Plated HDMI Cable with Ethernet #ReviewMy Profile

  17. lisa leblanc says:

    I also find dieting hard to keep on the right although I would really like to. Good luck on your journey.Thanks

  18. It’s a life style not a diet. That makes it easier and less of a feeling of being deprived. Good luck!
    Inspiring Kitchen recently posted…Summer Drinks: Zoku Slush & Ice MoldMy Profile

  19. Good luck, remember that hard work and determination betrays no one.

  20. Jessica says:

    Good luck…I so get how you feel, those images made me laugh out loud!!
    Jessica recently posted…Tutorial: How to can using a waterbathMy Profile

  21. maria long says:

    Well I think it is great that your doing this. As long as you dont turn away from the diet you will do so well. PS i love the GIFs.(jenna marbels and Elf)
    maria long recently posted…Facts about Ticks in Virginia #SerestoMy Profile

  22. Stefany says:

    Good luck to you. I am too a cranky dieter. It is not fun to be around me!
    Stefany recently posted…Check out our JBL products that can be found at the August Audio Fest at Best Buy #AudioFestMy Profile

  23. Michelle F. says:

    I wish you lots of success on your weight loss journey. I have been on mine since January and I can tell you it gets easier and easier.
    Michelle F. recently posted…Weight Loss Journey: 28 Weeks Down!My Profile

  24. Roshni says:

    Best of luck!! There are some very tasty, healthy foods out there!! Just check on Pinterest! 🙂
    Roshni recently posted…Our first summer barbecue partyMy Profile

  25. Gabby says:

    Good luck! I have been trying to diet and am failing miserably. I have been more active though, and that has me feeling a lot better.

  26. Menucha says:

    Wow, good luck! One of the things that works best: instead of self-deprivation, see if you can replace the things you crave with a healthier, leaner option.
    Menucha recently posted…Punkin Wrap GiveawayMy Profile

  27. Heather says:

    I can understand where you are coming from. I think if you start small and make small changes here and there, you will get to where you want to be. Sometimes a big overhaul is overwhelming. You can do it though!
    Heather recently posted…Dreaming About Christmas In AugustMy Profile

  28. R U S S says:

    The cranky spells happen in the first weeks, but when your body has adjusted, you will be fine. I admire for wanting this change in your life and I wish you a successful journey. Keep us posted with your progress, you go girl!
    R U S S recently posted…TREKKING MT. PINATUBOMy Profile

  29. Liz Mays says:

    I always hate starting out on new plans too. I’m usually miserable the first day or two, but then I get in a zone and I’m totally fine!
    Liz Mays recently posted…Game On! Denny’s Partners with Atari #DennysDinersMy Profile

  30. I LOVE the Elf Meme! That is me around spaghetti. I am the epitome of the Cranky Dieter. I cannot go hungry, or I get mean….
    Jenna Parsons recently posted…LBL Protection from PoiseMy Profile

  31. FamiGami says:

    Diets are a myth. It’s all about knowing what your habits are and doing the proper exercise to account for your behavior.
    FamiGami recently posted…Little Passports Unboxing and Review (World Edition Explorer Kit)My Profile

  32. HA! Ha ha!! The pics are so funny! I am excited for you to be making realistic changes to feel better and enjoy the benefits! Good Luck

  33. magdalena says:

    Love how you put your blog post together. The mixed media is really powerful and those cartoons are way too cute. Side note – your profile pic is amazing.
    magdalena recently posted…Own your star power.The SuperNova PodcastMy Profile

  34. I am the cranky dieter.. I know that I need to change my eating habits but just thinking about it makes me sad. i love to eat but I know that I need to change my lifestyle. I feel you girl I really do.
    Leira Pagaspas recently posted…Gilas Chicken Match MealMy Profile

  35. Roch says:

    Watch YouTube videos of those who have made it through consistent dieting! 🙂 I think they will inspire you to do the same.

  36. Christie says:

    Wishing you the best! Taking the first step is tough!
    Christie recently posted…VeggieTales Celery Night Fever DVD Review + GiveawayMy Profile

  37. Good luck with your diet. I know it’s tough. Love your humorous cartoons you’ve posted! Laughter will help you in your journey.
    Amanda Lohrenz recently posted…I Scream for Ice CreamMy Profile

  38. Brittnei says:

    Hey Jessica! Good for you. It definitely can be tough to eat healthier. I don’t have a specific weight I want to get down to, but I know not eating healthy takes a toll on our bodies. I love switching out things for healthier options so even when I do eat sugar, it’s not processed or that bad. Like swapping my butter and vegetable oil for sauteing with some coconut oil. Make my own homemade granola or granola bars. Eat pure maple syrup instead of the kind with high fructose corn syrup. I love finding recipes for sweets that have better ingredients, too. I hope your journey is fulfilling and that you find it to be better than you ever imagined. Thank you for sharing the story with us at the Creative Style Linkup!
    Brittnei recently posted…#TuesdayTen – 10 Things I Love About My Best FriendMy Profile

  39. Don’t worry, you will do fine! I can’t wait to follow your journey 🙂

  40. Rochelle says:

    You can so do this! For me I have to get to that point of I just can’t live like this anymore before I can actually have the will power and desire to say no to junk food and eating a ton of food (portion control is my problem too). You sound like you’re at that point where you’re doing it for you and not because someone else told you to do it. You’ll do fabulously! Just take small steps, don’t get down on yourself. Guilt is more fattening than pork rinds. There’s so much diet advice out there, just do what feels right to you.
    Rochelle recently posted…Learn ASL in 31 Days : Day 31My Profile

  41. Ann BAcciaglia says:

    I am on a diet and very cranky! I love your gif of the girl rolling her eyes! That is so me.

  42. You’ll do great this time! Dieting is hard at first, but you’ll be motivated when you start seeing results!
    Ashley nicholas recently posted…all day beauty with neutrogena + natural daytime makeup tutorialMy Profile

  43. I loved your collection of funny dieting things. I too get very cranky anytime I try to diet. But I applaud you and wish you success with your goals.

  44. Indigo Ocean says:

    One word… xylitol!

    My mom has both diabetes and a sweet tooth. We had pie, sweet tea, hot chocolate and all manner to yummies all summer she was visiting because I stocked up on xylitol then baked/brewed my own treats.
    Indigo Ocean recently posted…Meaningful Relationship in a Wired WorldMy Profile

  45. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Good Luck and make sure you set goals. Be sure to achieve yours goal. It is a life change. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Good luck on your journey! I need to motivate myself to start! lol I have been saying that I will for a long time!
    Marielle Altenor recently posted…Confessions of A ScrapbookerMy Profile

  47. Good luck on your fitness journey. You can do it!
    Sarah Marturano recently posted…10 Easy Summer Lunch Ideas for KidsMy Profile

  48. Just remember: 1 lb is 3500 calories – you either cut out, work out, or mix of both. if you cut 500 calories a day you’ll lose 1 lb in a week. if you ALSO burn an extra 500 calories a day in exercise, you’ll lose 2 lbs a week. Good luck!
    Angele @shoeboxbegone recently posted…BlogHer – An Open Letter to BrandsMy Profile

  49. Good luck for your dieting!!

    BTW you are looking mesmerizingly beautiful in that white dress <3 <3
    Payal Bansal (@TrendsnHealth) recently posted…True or False? 11Common Pregnancy Myths and factsMy Profile

  50. You got this girl! You are beautiful just the way you are, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling even better about yourself. 🙂
    Megan Kubasch recently posted…Deepest Apologies & A Photo ChallengeMy Profile

  51. April says:

    Good luck! You will be featured this Sunday with Creative Style. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.

    Your co-host from Creative Style Linkup ~~April~~
    April recently posted…A Broken Heart {#FTSF}My Profile

  52. I wish I would have the confidence and determination to start dieting, I wish you luck and cannot wait to see how much progress you make. You got this, thanks for sharing!

  53. You are a beautiful woman, Jessica. In all of those pictures, I saw a happy lady.

    Congrats on beginning your journey of expanding your family and also for committing to a healthier life.

    Thank you for linking up to Thank Goodness It’s Thursday because it’s how I found you – I’m your newest follower.
    Sarah Nenni Daher recently posted…Kid’s Headphone Sizer HackMy Profile

  54. Rob says:

    Good luck. It will going to take a lot of work but it is achievable, if you are willing to stick to a plan.

  55. Good on you for giving it a go!!

    A lifestyle change will definitely be easier to manage than a diet. A diet is so restricting and its so easy to put on wight again when the diet ends. If you make changes to a lifestyle however (even small ones) they will become habit which is then easier to maintain.

    Good luck on your journey…stick with it…you can do it!

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us on Marvelous Monday at Smart Party Planning 🙂
    Catherine Holt recently posted…Marvelous Monday Linky Party #15My Profile

  56. The beginning of a diet always seems the worst. I am on Day 30 of cutting out wheat and sugar from my diet, and I am very pleased with the results. Eating better really does give you a boost in energy. My downfall is getting motivated to exercise inside. I prefer outdoor workouts, like biking and playing basketball. I always wait until the last minute to work out inside, and before you know it…it’s midnight. Good luck with your journey!
    Yona Williams recently posted…Alpine Avocado Vinaigrette Giveaway (ends 8/27)My Profile

  57. Sinea Pies says:

    LOVE the title! Cranky and dieting can go hand in hand. Right now I am following an Atkins type plan -it works best for me. Never hungry, which takes some of the “cranky” out of it. (That ELF picture could have been me on past diets when I gave up!!!) 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this at my WW blog hop. I’m sharing it on my social media. Many of our guests will get a kick out of this too!
    Sinea Pies recently posted…Easy Pulled Pork RecipeMy Profile

  58. Nicki Lewis says:

    You can do it 🙂 Good luck! If you ever need motivation my friend from high school does a fitness blog that has great tips and workouts. She has lost over 100 lbs http://missmadisonscharmedlife.blogspot.com/
    Nicki Lewis recently posted…Wordless Wednesday #18My Profile

  59. You are beautiful! But I always think it’s good when you decide to make healthier choices. I think you should think of it less as a diet, and start incorporating 1 healthy choice a week. Go for a 20 minute walk at lunch time, drink a glass of water before meals, substitute a green smoothie for a normal meal. Start slow, and find things you don’t HATE doing. That way you’re more likely to find a healthy lifestyle that works for you and sticks!
    Michelle @ Vitamin Sunshine recently posted…Strawberry Shortcake Protein PancakesMy Profile

  60. Amber says:

    Good luck! You can do it!
    Amber recently posted…8 Reasons Why I’m Glad The Kids Went Back To SchoolMy Profile

  61. JoAnn says:

    I am the crankiest dieter as well! In the afternoons I feel the need to throw things because I can’t sit in front of the TV and eat half a pizza. I find the crank passes though. Usually takes me 2 weeks…
    JoAnn recently posted…No Sew T-Shirt Superhero CapeMy Profile

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